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I can see clearly now the rain is gone

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

Iduna Ásynjur
23 November 1983
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The universe is but one great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human, by nature endeared to each other. - Epictetus

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Myth Origins

Ivaldi the great once guarded a mead that gave power and wisdom to the gods. After self sacrifice, Odin drank of it and was able to give order to some of the world. Ivaldi also drank of it- he sent his children to draw it for him. One day, his children did not return and he realized that the Moon- God (Mani) had taken them, giving access to the mead to the gods in Asgard.

Ivaldi wanted revenge. He kidnapped one of Mani's daughter, and made her one of his wives. He made allegiances with the Jotun. He became an enemy of the gods. As he spiraled further down the path of self-ruin he murdered and burned the new guard of the mead, stealing it and taking it to a secret location. Eventually, he wanted another bride. He paid for her with his most valuable thing- the wondrous mead.

Eventually, Ivaldi wanted another wife- the price for her? The precious mead. When time came to make the exchange, he was trapped under an avalanche by Odin and the mead was returned to the moon.

Ivaldi's many children were all very great. One of his sets of children crafted gifts to the gods such as Thor's Hammer, Sif's hair, and Odin's spear. Of his first set of children, the youngest is Idunn, most known for her wondrous apples.

Idunn was born to the sun goddess, Sunna. Her early years were spent in valleys, and by the roots of Yggdrsail. From a young age she was curious and very good with plants and nature. She would spend a lot of time with her mother, and with plants and trees. When she was of age, the young goddess was taken to Asgard. As the daughter of the sun goddess, she brought light and joy to the place.

One day, a tree appeared in Asgard. Idunn soon proved to be keeper of the tree- the only one who could make the tree grow and who could pick apples from the branches. The apples made the gods younger- healthier, wiser. The apples healed the gods and made them feel better about everything. She would not answer when asked where the apples came from.

Idunn was gifted with the understanding of how life worked, and of how the wondrous mead was formed. The apples were a way to give that to the gods- a gift to them. They lived happily in Asgard, eating the apples each morning, and partying until night. Idunn proved to be quite popular. She had a chest of ash made by a god, which she used to store her apples. The chest was made in such a way that it was never empty, and the apples on her tree never rotted.

Thjazi was Idunn's over-protective brother. He shared Ivaldi's dislike for the gods and wanted his sister gone from that place- and was prepared to make any deal that he could to get her out of there. He managed to muscle the trickster into luring Idunn out of the walls of Asgard. The young goddess harbored a crush on Loki, so it was not hard for him to lure her anywhere, and she did not fight as the giant bird that was her brother lifted her away to the land of the giants.

She enjoyed the time with her brother. Idunn had free time, and was able to spend time in her favorite valley again. She played tricks on her siblings and relatives, and ran around in a wolf-skin. It was a wonderful experience for her, and she learned a lot about herself. Eventually, all good things come to an end, and she was forced to return to Asgard. Loki came to the cave where she lived, and convinced her to leave. Her brother followed, quite angry and intent on keeping his sister from the gods.

The gods, who grew old, unhappy and sad while Idunn was gone, managed to set Thjazi's wings on fire. When he fell, he was killed- Idunn returned to Asgard. She was sent to be Bragi's consort, and resumed her job of handing out mortality.

History for TN: A few years ago the goddess Idunn decided to leave Asgard and her consort Bragi, and live as a human. She lived in Iceland for a short while and was quickly able to get a false identity. She claims to have lived on a small island with her recently deceased parents.

Strengths: Iduna currently works in a floral shop, and is good with anything involving nature. She frequently adopts animals. When at full strength, she has the ability to heal anyone of any injury or illness but only does so when asked. She will not volunteer any of her abilities to anyone that is not an animal or small child. When not eating her apples, healing takes her energy and she sleeps a lot.

Her body can usually heal quickly, but currently it heals at the same rate as a normal human(because she is not eating her apples).

Weaknesses: She still believes that everyone is good at heart, and will trust anyone that she meets. Even after getting hurt several times she'll continue to trust almost unconditionally. If she does get upset, she can't do anything because she has no self defense skills. She doesn't fight back, and will actually allow someone to hurt her if that's their intention. If fighting or disagreeing is going on she'll get uncomfortable and try to leave.


Nature affinity